What do previous learners say?



Before I started learning to drive I never thought I would be able to pass my driving test. Having Garry as a driving instructor made it possible for me to pass. He was funny, friendly and very supportive, making him an excellent teacher as he never got angry. Also whilst learning to drive I felt that Garry allowed me as the learner to be in control of the vehicle letting me gain the experience I needed and in gaining this experience It made driving seem less scary, giving me the confidence to be able to drive safely. This I believe gave me the ability to pass my test and also be able to drive around on my own afterwards. Therefore I would highly recommend Garry as a driving Instructor!



I would recommend Gary as he his an excellent instructor and helped me to achieve my goal and pass my test within 12 weeks of beginning to learn with him. He is a very calm and patient man who allows you to make mistakes and is always there to help you without getting angry and irritated if you do something wrong. I would highly recommend learning to drive with glee driving school as I had an excellent experience and succeeded with my driving test in a very short amount of time and was able to work at my own pace and have as many driving lessons a week as i felt i needed.



I had a few different instructors before i went with Garry, i am so glad that i listened when 2 people had recommended him to me. Well all i can say is that i had no confidence and was a very nervous driver who doubted myself when it came to my driving.....Garry changed me for the better and made me believe in myself and that i could do it. He is so friendly and calm and lets you learn at your own pace and will never take you out of your comfort zone if your not ready. Another thing with Garry is that when you are ready for your test he will not try and get extra money from you (unlike all my other instructors!) by saying you need more lessons than you do....a totally honest guy through and through! 


After having no previous driving experience I felt nervous at the thought of learning to drive, however after my first lesson with Garry I began to feel much more confident and thanks to his teaching and support I passed my test. I would highly recommend him to anyone else who's wanting to learn to drive, his patience and advice helped me throughout the entire journey. After I had passed my test I went on to complete my Pass Plus with Garry and I can proudly say I am a qualified driver thanks to him


Excellent Instructor, very friendly and patient even when i made mistakes, i always looked forward to my lessons as they were a great laugh,  the methods he used were brilliant, he never made you feel out your comfort zone,  even when i felt like giving up he would encourage me that i could do it , That's why i passed 1st time, Thanks so much Garry! 

 I would definitely recommend learning to drive with him.



"Glee driving school was recommended to me by a past pupil. I found the lessons structured but a challenge. you are never put under any pressure and learn at your own pace introducing new techniques every lesson. Garry is always reliable, patient and friendly and is not an instructor who will constantly 'grab the wheel' allowing you to deal with your own mistakes before helping. I would highly recommend Glee Driving School!


I, like many, never thought I would get there and be able to drive as well and comfortably as I can now , and it is all thanks to the excellent teaching and support Gary provided during lessons. Gary is brilliant ,supportive , fair and understanding, he never loses his temper , has alot of patience and doesn't rush the learner too much or put them under too much pressure. Driving lessons with Gary are very flexible and more than fair in terms of cost and duration,  how many lessons, duration of the lessons and when they take place is all up to the learner , which can help find the right arrangements that suit you and your learning. I will already be sending my sister to learn with glee when the time comes as i can think of no-one better to learn to drive with. I highly recommend Glee.


Gary helped me to pass my test first time, he always gave me ways to improve my driving to make sure that i was the best i could be and so that i was fully ready for my test when the time came. Gary is easy to talk to and happily answered any questions and concerns i had with driving. He never made things too hard but always kept the lessons challenging so that i would improve each lesson. i couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor, the things he taught me have helped me to become a good and safe driver. He also helped me to be very confident when driving and congratulated me when i did things well but also told me when i had made a mistake so that i could improve and not do it again, he never did this in a harsh way but always in a nice way. i would recommend Gary to anybody who wants to learn how to become a good and safe driver. Gary is a nice person and is very down to earth, the best driving instructor anybody could ask for! 



Learning with Glee made learning to drive extremely fun. I found that Garry was a passionate instructor who excelled in being inviting and professional, hence enabling me to pass my driving test with ease. The learning environment was very relaxed and exciting, yet productive measures were taken every lesson. Garry was very supportive and helpful through every aspect of learning to drive, making me feel comfortable being in control of the vehicle, which makes a huge difference. I would strongly recommend Glee Driving School as it promotes a relaxed and friendly environment which ensures you are at the required standards for your driving test and ready to take on the roads.